Where Friends, Fun, and Faith Connect


During Club you’ll yell, sing, participate in wacky competitions, and laugh a lot. You’ll also learn more about the Life Giver and new ways of looking at life. Club is free and open to every military teen.

Small Group

Small Group is for teens interested in taking a deeper dive into the Bible, what the Life Giver says, and who He is.

Adventure Camp

Adventure Camp is a multi-day event dedicated to middle school kids who are stationed overseas. It’s a camp with loads of laughter, team challenges, and time to hang out with friends. You'll have great conversations and hear about the Life Giver's love for you.

Fall/Winter Camp

This seasonal camp is a multi-day event ​ for high schoolers. It's an opportunity to get away with your friends, laugh until you cry, have great conversations, and hear about the Life Giver's love for you.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a multi-day event where you will laugh hysterically, eat fantastic food, zip line till you drop, and more. Come experience the best week of your life, and come experience the ​ unconditional love of God. ​

Service Projects

Service Projects are multi-day trips for military high-schoolers stationed overseas. Club Beyond challenges kids to serve and provides life-changing opportunities, inviting students to put their faith into action through physical work and caring interaction with local nationals from a variety of countries.