Club Beyond is a ministry to military high school and middle school-aged kids whose parents are currently serving in the U.S. Military. Club Beyond staff and volunteers step into their culture and understand the language of military life. Building relationships and earning the right to be heard, they provide the consistency, connectedness and share eternal message of God’s love that is so desperately needed.
Watch Kenneth's story and hear more about Club Beyond is making an impact in the lives of kids around the world.​ ​​​
Find Out How You Can Get Involved
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  •  Are you a military teen? Find out how you can get involved.
  • Volunteer leaders' involvement enables lives to be changed.
  • Booster clubs are vital to local ministry on military installations.
  • Consider a career with an organization that is walking alongside teens whose parents are serving in the American military.
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What Kids and Parents are Saying . . .

“Club Beyond showed me Jesus. Jesus is my life. So Club Beyond showed me life, life worth living.”

 “The impact Club Beyond has had on me has made me a better person. When I see a bully I call them out, when someone is unhappy, I help them. I feel that without Club Beyond I  would probably be in the same spot I was a year ago . . . expelled from school and hating life. Thank you Club Beyond! "

 “Having just moved, my daughters were looking for a way to connect with other kids beyond school. This program gave them the opportunity they were hoping to have.”

“This is THE most promising thing in my son’s life. Thank you!”

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