Walking ​With Military Teens Since 1980
Club Beyond walks alongside military high school and middle school-aged kids whose parents are currently serving in the U.S. Military. Club Beyond staff and volunteers step into their culture and understand the language of military life. Building relationships and earning the right to be heard, they provide the consistency, connectedness and share eternal message of God’s love that is so desperately needed.
Watch Becca's story and hear how Club Beyond is making a difference in the communities and lives of military kids around the world.​ ​​​

Walking Through Doors

Each location a Military Teen arrives at presents a new set of doors for them to walk through. They never really know what is going to be on the other side of that door to a new school, a new house, a new locker room or a new auditorium.  We want teens and parents to know that upon arriving at an installation with Club Beyond, they are going to walk through a door that welcomes them, cheers them on, provides adventure and the invitation to live life abundantly with the experience of God's love.

You can open the door to Military Teens through your financial support. 

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