Ministry Statistics

The Club Beyond program is exclusively focused on serving the approximately 300,000 teenaged children of active duty military families who are stationed at U.S. military installations worldwide. During the past school year, over 1,200 Club Beyond staff and volunteer leaders reached out to a total population of over 80,000 military teens stationed at over 50 U.S. military installations in nine countries across three continents. This expansive network of ministries is creating a “Worldwide Safety Net” for America’s Military Teenagers to provide them with a regular and familiar program in which they can participate. 
MCYM is committed to pursuing meaningful measurements of the Club Beyond ministry across numerous dimensions.  One of those dimensions is our ongoing Teen and Parent surveys conducted mission-wide during specific events, such as the Europe’s annual “Winter Blitz” camp, as well as across local ministry areas worldwide.  Random, voluntary surveys conducted over the past 18 months have been compiled into the 2014 Survey Results. The results include over 2,100 teen and parent respondents with over 22% of respondents having a parent deployed within 12 months of the survey.
The 2014 survey confirms that Club Beyond is having a uniformly positive impact worldwide with no significant deviations between geographic areas, as well as consistent and improved results in comparison with previous years’ surveys.  The percentage responses to the questions below also align with the short narrative replies to the question, “…describe the impact that Club Beyond is having on you (your teen)”, which were overwhelmingly positive and provide greater levels of detail as to the impact Club Beyond is having on military teens, their parents, and their families worldwide.  The overall impact on these teens’ lives is truly profound as written out by them and their parents.  
All supporters of Club Beyond have a stake in the results displayed in the chart below.  The Club Beyond/MCYM team is grateful to all those who serve to achieve the impact on America’s Military Teenagers as shown below.
Military Teens and their Parents told us:​ Teens Parents​
That Club Beyond is helpful in dealing with the challenges of being a mlitary teen​ ​73% ​72%
That Club Beyond involvement helps teens to have more hope for the future​ ​80% ​76%
That Club Beyond involvement makes teens more likely to think about spiritual things​ ​83% ​80%
That teens' personal faith is stronger/deeper due to Club Beyond involvement​ ​84% ​74%
That Club Beyond helps teens to develop stronger/deeper personal relationships​ ​84% ​78%
That Club Beyond is important to them​ ​90% ​88%