Building a Legacy of Club Beyond

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Do you remember the first time Club Beyond felt like home?  

Home, a word that means so many different things to a military kid.  A place where you feel welcome, a place that feels safe, a place where you can be known.  It’s a place where the Gospel can be heard.  This feeling of home can be life-changing for military kids, as it may have been for you, and it didn’t happen by accident.  It was created by God’s grace and the work of your Club Beyond staff and leaders, individuals who loved military kids so much that they made it their mission to make Club Beyond happen.

Would you like to be a part of ensuring Club Beyond continues for the next generation of military kids?  
Below are some snapshots of ways you can get involved.

-    Summer internships:  Spend the summer alongside current Club Beyond staff leading kids, organizing Club, and taking them to camp. For more information, email Liz McCarty.

-    Summer Volunteering in Scotland: Come help take care of "your people", serving military kids for three weeks of your summer at Young Life's camp in Scotland, Cairn Brae. Jobs include lifeguarding, working the camp store, serving in the kitchen, and more!

-    Club Beyond staff: If you loved Club so much that you could see yourself doing this full-time, we are on installations stateside and around the world that need staff investing in kids. Click here to start this journey

-    Volunteer with Club Beyond:  If you are in college, working, or active duty, and have some time in your week to give back, you can volunteer by building relationships with teens, running Club, and more.  Click here to see where we currently have Club Beyond ministry and find out who to talk to in order to get involved!

-    Giving financially: Club Beyond is 100% funded through donations from individuals.  Every gift small or large goes directly toward ensuring ministry at military installations continues.  Click here to give a one-time gift or become a monthly donor.