Opportunities to Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved

Club Beyond focuses exclusively on military teens. If there is Club Beyond in your community, there are a variety of ways in which kids can take part. Learn more about the ways Club Beyond serves military teens and their community.

Volunteer Leader

Volunteer leaders are absolutely vital to the vision of Club Beyond. It is their involvement that enables lives to be changed. Club Beyond volunteer leaders participate in a wide range of activities that allow them to walk alongside kids and build significant relationships. Each installation has a different process for becoming a Club Beyond leader. If you are interested in volunteering for Club Beyond, please contact the community director nearest you, and they will be able to help you learn more about Club Beyond and how it works to impact military teens.

Committee Member

Committee members are vital to local ministry on military installations. Club Beyond relies on chaplains and the community to come around and join in our vision of "let every military brat believe." Those who serve with the local committee help sustain Club Beyond. Often times unseen and unknown by kids, these adults are the foundation of the ministry. Committee roles can include praying for the ministry, supporting and assisting staff and volunteers, and promoting Club Beyond in your community. If you are interested in joining a local committee or be the catalyst in starting one, please inquire at  info@clubbeyond.org .

Employment Opportunities

Consider a career with an organization that is walking alongside teens whose parents are serving in the American military. Club Beyond employs people ( U.S.citizens only)  for field staff positions in the United States and internationally. Find out more in the Job Opportunities section.